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Data management 'essential to avoid mortality fraud'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Effective data management is vital to avoid mortality fraud, it has been stressed.

According to Tracesmart, death index data is the pivotal tool in the fight against impersonation of the deceased fraud.

Managing director of the group Mike Trezise commented that digitizing death registration information will allow firms better access to identity verification and mortality screening services, helping them to defend against mortality-related fraud and protecting both the company and consumer.

The group added that technological developments now mean that while searching for the identity of dead or missing persons previously involved labor intensive research, it can now be done at the click of a button.

Earlier this week, New Jersey location consulting firm The Boyd Company commented that the healthcare data center industry is expected to grow markedly under new plans for hospitals to adopt new electronic medical records systems announced by president Barack Obama.

The group added that the administration is poised to make $20 billion available to help upgrade paper-based records to electronic formats.