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Data management gets assistance from new technology

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As the amount of information stored by firms continues to increase dramatically, a series of new technological advancements are helping firms with their data management.

According to Nexsan chief technical officer Gary Watson, advances in compression and data de-duplication, combined with increased usage of Flash memory and bigger hard drives, will help to give organizations a "fighting chance" when it comes to storage management.

Speaking to, Mr Watson says that as well as hardware improvements, data management programs are improving firms' ability to deal with large amounts of information.

While the issue of maintaining data quality will remain an important issue as information storage grows, Mr Watson concludes that many of these technological advancements will make life easier for IT departments.

Leslie Ferry, vice-president of marketing at voice over IP communication specialists BroadSoft, believes that new technology will push more firms towards using outsourced virtualized data storage systems.

Posted by Richard Jones