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Data management helpful for online surveys

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses can utilize online data management systems to help them analyse survey results, it has been claimed.

Writing for Supply Management, Andrew Hillman has suggested that the technology can be especially useful for converting data into an easy to use format.

The expert was explaining the numerous benefits businesses could achieve by conducting opinion surveys.

He said that it was an effective way of gathering an honest and accurate assessment of what people thought of an organization.

“Harnessing technology allows you to create, conduct and review surveys at a much lower cost, while gathering information with a speed and efficiency that you could never achieve using paper,” Mr Hillman added.

“In addition, online data management systems can automatically convert the data into?a useful form for analysis.”

The article went on to claim that using good questions would help find a way to measure the expected response.

To this end, Mr Hillman suggested should make a list of possible indicators that relate to the type of responses you are seeking.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler