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Data management is a ‘big concern’ for IT workers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Trying to effectively handle data management while maintaining an effective data management strategy is causing industry practitioners the biggest headache, it has been claimed.

An article for Computer World has highlighted the problems which are currently being faced by professionals working in IT.

Having conducted a poll at the recent Storage Networking World conference, the news provider reported that 42 per cent of respondents indicated that storage capacity and tools were their biggest data management challenge while working under budgetary constraints.

Indeed, Richard Schulz, an IT manager at Sports Coverage Inc., said that data management was at the top of his list of priorities and concerns.

"You have all this structured and unstructured data. You have all these levels of data to manage. Trying to keep track of where it all is isn't easy," he told the news provider.

Mr Schulz revealed that he has considered using both public and private cloud computing services to help unify management of the company's data.

Earlier this year, Michael Vizard used his IT Business Edge blog to claim that businesses would be able to save costs by unifying their data management.

Posted by Paul Newman