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Data management 'key to personalized marketing campaigns'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Firms that carry out effective data management can get ahead in the race to attract new custom by creating personalized marketing campaigns, it has been claimed.

Writing for Destination CRM, Rex Three marketing and communications director Emmanuel Trenche said collecting and keeping tabs on customer data can improve advertising success.

Once marketers are able to gauge where a potential client stands, it is easier for them to target that particular individual and push through a sale, she suggested.

For example, if a lead is flagged up as "concerned about cost", a company may be able to contact them with a direct mail piece extending a special offer or discount.

Ms Trenche added that this promotion may also include a deadline or expiry date in order to encourage the recipient to reply promptly.

"Timing is critical when it comes to courting a prospect and when used effectively, the customer relationship management (CRM) system can help marketing be highly responsive to consumer trends and habits," she insisted.

According to Joe Fernandez of Marketing Weekly, CRM is currently more important than ever, with the impact of the recession causing customer to become more savvy with their spending.