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Data management must be more secure, says committee

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee has pledge to push for moves to increase security legislation governing company networks and data management systems.

It discussed the introduction of legislation which would increase online privacy protection and create changes that would force companies to install security monitoring software in their networks.

Senator John "Jay" Rockefeller, chairman of the committee, said that it is high time organizations were prevented from behaving however they want with personal details in data management systems.

"I want ordinary consumers to know what's being done with their personal information, and I want to give them the power to do something about that," he told the hearing.

The data security bill would oblige companies to notify customers of a breach and have systems in place to prevent "reasonably foreseeable" vulnerabilities.

Officials from Sony and Epsilon, both of which have suffered recent major breaches, have supported new data security rules.

Posted by Richard Jones