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Data management 'must consider internal and external threats'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Firms need to consider the threats posed to their address data by both internal and external sources, an expert has warned.

When it comes to data management process, tackling internal threats to security can be difficult, according to Computeractive, but there are measures that firms can take.

Information such as address data should only be accessible to staff that need it, while access can also be traced to give accountability to all members of the organization, allowing companies to trace internal threats back to the source.

According to the magazine's news editor Dinah Greek, workers must also be educated as to how they can facilitate an external threat to their own company.

"Employees have a responsibility to ensure they don't put a company at risk - don't download something you are not sure about, be careful about websites visited if internet surfing is allowed," he said.

Democratic Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal recently put forward a bill that would, if passed, see firms fined heavily for data security breaches.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler