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Data management must 'evolve' for business progression

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations will have to adapt to an ever-changing business environment if they are to stay competitive, it has been suggested.

This is the opinion of Gavin Michael, who noted that as the level of data collected increases, IT professionals will increasingly be forced to adopt new data management platforms.

Writing for, the industry expert suggested that companies will look to develop more versatile systems, which will mark a change for the business world.

"More and more organizations will begin to view data as something that can provide a competitive advantage, with data now becoming the platform that supports application services," Mr Michael predicted.

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that despite primarily being used within financial organizations, enterprise data management can be a useful tool in other sectors.

Writing on the Smart Data Collective blog, Rick Sherman noted that the long-term benefits of the tool are starting to be recognized by a variety of business groups.

Posted by Paul Newman