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Data management needed in the recession, expert claims

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations need to focus on data management in order to retain business in the current downturn, one expert has claimed.

Speaking to Printweek, Andrew Woodger, data services director at Adare, states that the recession has caused a shift in customer motivations which can pose an opportunity for some firms.

He adds that, in order to take advantage of this, firms must ensure they are deploying successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to identify and address trends.

"[Data can be used] to spot trends early, drive efficiency through highly targeted campaigns," he told the publication. "The most successful businesses use database marketing to drive CRM strategies to great effect."

Mr Woodger concludes that firms must be prepared to act quickly to meet any changing needs customers may have.

Dave Gurney, operations director of Alchemetrics, recently urged businesses to take advantage of the benefits customer data can have, telling Bytestart that such information can allow firms an insight into the behaviour of customers.