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Data management needed to improve security

Rachel Wheeler Archive
An increasing number of businesses are beginning to realize the importance of having good data management as the number of security breaches rises, it has been suggested.

Speaking to IT Web, John du Plessis, an EMEA sales engineer at information security company Trustwave, explained that data security and compliance should be two areas marked for improvement

The expert added that the difficulty was ensuring that any new data management strategies were implemented without having an impact on business productivity.

Indeed, the strengths and weaknesses of the current state of data can be determined through the people, processes and technology in the organisation.

Organizations should look to invest in data management tools that support technologies such as web application firewalls and encryption solutions, Mr du Plessis added.

“These assure monitoring of data in motion for visibility into information risk and give policy-based defence against data loss over corporate e-mail messages and attachments,” he said.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler