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Data management now important in education

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Business leaders have recently found the value inherent in a close and analytical look at institutional data. Armed with a new generation of software, they have given decision-making power over to automated processes. According to a recent Omaha World-Herald report, educators have made the same logical leap.

The source reported that a data advocate recently visited Omaha school administrators to explain the benefits of an analytical method of student assessment. According to the source, Data Quality Campaign head Aime Guidera told educators that schools are currently adding the systems necessary to make a difference with data, but that it is not yet widespread.

The World-Herald noted that several states have placed data transmission frameworks in place to unite the educational system, with information carried from each level of school to the next, providing a composite portrait of a student's learning progress. Such systems could rise or fall on maintaining data quality through the transfers.

Brookings recently released a report regarding the future of data in schools. The source noted that school districts may soon find it possible to used advanced big data analytics systems as more student activities are carried out in a digital realm. Such programs could give teachers automated suggestions for each student.