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Data management proves problematic for some

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research has found that a substantial proportion of data managers are struggling to handle unstructured information.

Conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, the study found that 35 per cent of the 446 data management professionals claimed that their unstructured information has already surpassed the volume of traditional relational data.

Indeed, 91 per cent of those questioned have unstructured information, although 86 per cent claimed that it is important for their organization.

A further 62 per cent believe that it is inevitable that unstructured data will surpass structured data in volume within the next decade.

In spite of this, only 11 per cent have clear data management policies in place to cope with the problem.

Joe Dalton, chief marketing officer of MarkLogic, which assisted in the research, commented: "The report clearly shows that most IT managers are facing significant challenges with unstructured information and Big Data.

"They know there is immense value hidden within this information, but don't understand how to handle it."