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Data management security is becoming a challenge

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure data management systems remain secure, according to Fortinet.

A poll of IT bosses by the firm revealed that 60 per cent of mid to very large organizations have conducted a full review of their data security systems in the last 12 months in a bid to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks.

The move was also prompted by concerns that the influx of personal mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, into the workplace presents a unique risk to data management security as it causes companies to lose control of their information.

Fortinet suggested that firms have got a "confused attitude" to the use of employee owned devices at work and also warned that traditional security vulnerabilities, such as wireless, may be overlooked in the scramble.

Recent research by the Ponemon Institute meanwhile revealed that data security is generally inadequate, with 84 per cent of firms admitting to a breach in the last 12 months.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler