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Data management 'suffering with growth'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data management techniques need to be more sophisticated than ever as the quantity of data in the world continues to grow.

Indeed, recent research from ABI shows that the world's annual data traffic volumes will total almost 8,000 petabytes this year.

But by 2016, this is predicted to rocket to more than 60,000 petabytes.

However, according to Varonis, data management within companies is failing to keep on top of the huge volumes of information available.

Yaki Faitelson, chief executive, president and co-founder of the group, said that organizations require "visibility, intelligence and automation" to protect and manage their critical data.

He added: "Over 50 per cent of the data people can access within an organization is not relevant to them. Take any random employee and 50 per cent of the data they have access to, he shouldn't be able to access.

"Organizations cannot easily answer: Who is accessing the data – when someone deletes or downloads a 1,000 files, no one knows."