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Data management switching to 'agile and flexible' cloud

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Flexibility and agility are the key reasons that firms across the business world are switching their data management processes to cloud networks.

Maggie Meer, organizer of the 2012 Cloud Expo Europe event, cites data from the Cloud Industry Forum which reveals more than half of the organizations the group polled are now using some form of cloud service.

Furthermore, it suggests that the move towards use of these services will continue to grow in 2012.

Ms Meer claims it is the agility and flexibility offered by cloud-based apps that are the main drivers behind this movement.

"In case you are wondering what the highest growth areas are - well that is email, data storage, data backup and recovery and collaboration services," she added.

John Dunn, security editor of Techworld, believes that private cloud networks have proven popular as a way of conveniently and effectively easing the data management burden some companies face.

Posted by Richard Jones