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Data management takes big data-friendly form

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to eWeek, data management efforts are still important for companies with big data reserves. Concerns such as storage methods, employee training and data quality efforts are all still deserving of attention. However, the source noted, all of these processes have shifted slightly in response to the information's unique requirements.

The source stated that working with big data takes new and different skills and abilities from workers. Information is now enough of a priority area to warrant its own management role - the data scientist. According to the source, such an employee works under the direction of the CIO and synthesizes data sources from throughout the company infrastructure.

Big data strategies could come with some slips or confusion. According to eWeek, this is to be expected and should not be discouraging. The source stated that occasional dead ends are natural when using new technological options and exploiting data sources without a strong history of usage.

Information Management contributor Jim Harris, together with data expert Daragh O'Brien, recently noted that efforts focusing on data volume rather than content could cause data quality problems. While big data systems can synthesize previously unheard-of amounts of information, Harris stated that a single-minded focus on sample size is a mistake.