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Data management will be 'important for business' in 2011

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Independent technology analyst Ovum has highlighted a number of key trends in enterprise IT as we head into 2011, it has been revealed.

Security, cloud services, sustainability and data management are all going to take on a renewed importance in the coming year, with organizations likely to be presented with a number of challenges and opportunities.

Indeed, the sheer volume of information which is likely to be collected and passed through business systems means that data management will be a key area in the future, Ovum explains.

"The management of data will come to a head for chief information officers in 2011, who will realise that it is an issue that can no longer be ignored," predicts report author Mark Blowers.

"We believe they need to address both master data management and storage management to deal with the issue effectively."

Meanwhile, Ovum added that cloud computing will also grow steadily in 2011, with an increasing number of businesses looking to take advantage of the technology.

Posted by Richard Jones