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Data management will support eRetail move

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses need to embrace new data management technologies in order to make the most of a move online, it has been claimed.

Ben Sillitoe, editor of Retail Gazette, said that consumer demand was stimulating "huge technological advancement across the industry" and that "all retailers [were] focusing on multichannel development as a tool for growth".

He explained that retailers who aim to remain competitive will need to make the move to online and mobile commerce, as that is where consumers are.

However, the move will require changes in internal technology and improvements to data management systems to deal with the huge influx of new information garnered online.

"It appears that most of the bricks-and-mortar retailers are also developing their multichannel capabilities as well. Online and mobile commerce is a key consideration for all companies right now," Mr Sillitoe said.

The Retail Eyes & Retail Gazette Salary Survey 2011 suggested that in the last 16 months, 64 per cent of e-retail and multichannel employees received a pay rise, compared to only 48 per cent across the retail industry as a whole.

Posted by Richard Jones