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Data moves up the corporate ladder

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data can be extremely important in the modern business environment. With analytics becoming more sophisticated and capable of delivering ever-greater levels of insight, considerations like data quality have become the business of an increasingly broad selection of workers. According to TechTarget, analytics leader William Hakes thinks this should lead to change at the c-level.

The source noted that Hakes, speaking at an industry gathering, advocated for the creation of a new "chief analytics officer" position, meant to take concerns about data directly to the board at a given company.

Hakes stated, according to TechTarget, that a corporate leader specifically devoted to keeping a company's data efforts in line could help departments come together. Without a unified structure, he argued, different sections of a firm could begin to compete with one another for ownership of data analytics and the perceived value that comes along.

Finding the proper employees to keep data in line can be difficult. Zurich Financial Services data lead Simon Kaffel encouraged leaders to find workers with passion for the material and hold onto them tenaciously. He also confided that many in the information management field fall into it accidentally rather than setting out to claim such a position in particular.