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Data must be regularly tested to ensure its accuracy

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that are adding third-party information to consumer data files can be compromising their levels of data quality with incorrect or missing data, it has been reported.

Peg Kuman suggests in an article for DMNews that businesses risk allowing misinformation to "creep in" to databases and may negatively impact on customer interaction campaigns.

Ms Kuman highlights the need for organizations to retain data confidence about their information by undergoing regular testing to ensure data is correct.

In particular, information such as address data should match up, one way to do this would be for companies to use ZIP Code verification software to make sure it is correct.

"A data vendor should be flexible to enable such dedication to testing. They need to prove their data sources work for the client in advance," she noted on the website.

Furthermore, a report by Computer World recently addressed the data quality problems that businesses can face when merging their CRM systems.

It recommended organizations retain two separate systems to avoid any clashing or loss of data, dumping one of the databases, or implementing a brand new system to reduce the chance of errors.

Posted by Richard Jones