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Data must have 'business value'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies must ensure that the data which they store can contribute to the success of their organizations.

Data Quality expert Jim Harris noted that guaranteeing information is complete and accurate is "critical" to making daily business decisions.

However, he warned that companies need to ensure that they refrain from becoming blinded by managing data and focus on only keeping important information.

Writing for his OCQD blog, the consultant highlighted the need to implement effective guidelines which define how important data is for "business use".

"Data quality is 'fitness for the purpose of business use'," he said.

"How complete and how accurate the data needs to be is determined by its business use."

Mr Harris went on to explain that if messages data cannot be used to make predictions or decisions it should be considered to be without value to an organization.

According to Data Quality Pro founder Dylan Jones, businesses need to ensure that they instil a data quality culture if they want to address problems relating to information management.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler