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Data outhouses 'offer good data quality and enhanced accessibility'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data outhouses rather than warehouses offer greater accessibility, as well as good data quality, it has been argued.

While they may help businesses of all sizes keep on top of data quality issues and keep sensitive information secure, data warehouses are often too inflexible to be of great use for day-to-day operations, it has been claimed.

A recent poll carried out by the website Smart Data Collective asked business technology leaders to express a preference for either data warehouse, that is a "trusted source of high quality enterprise data" and data outhouses, which it classified as an "untrusted source of poor quality enterprise data".

Interestingly, 65 per cent of respondents expressed a preference for the latter, largely due to concerns over how data is used, rather than how effectively it can be stored.

One respondent, Simon Daniels, told the website that he opted for data outhouses as they make more operational sense for the marketing industry.

"Often sitting in splendid isolation, the data warehouse doesn't offer the accessibility needed in day-to-day activities," he noted.

This comes in the same week that IT Business Edge writer Loraine Lawson urged business leaders to take note of the importance of data quality, noting that unclean and duplicated information can be costly and time-consuming.

Posted by Richard Jones