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Data protection reduces cost of IT outages

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Strong data management strategies can help to reduce the huge costs to businesses and organizations of IT outages, new research has found.

A study by CA Technologies, an IT management software and solutions company, notes that North American businesses are collectively losing $26.5 billion in revenue each year as a result of slow recovery from IT system downtime.

It stated that such downtime reduces the average company's ability to generate revenue by 29 per cent.

However, CA Technologies also claimed that much of this cost to businesses and the economy can be avoided through better data protection strategies that enable more rapid recovery of critical services.

"IT organizations can't always prevent service outages, but they can take the right steps to improve the speed of recovery when outages occur," said Mike Crest, general manager of data management at the company.

"This will become even more important as businesses become increasingly dependent on both traditional and cloud IT services for the ongoing generation of revenue."

According to the survey, which was based on results from 200 companies across North America, the average respondent suffers ten hours of IT downtime a year, which translates to more than 1.6 million hours across North America.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler