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Data Quality a 'number one priority' for direct marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Better data quality on marketing lists is a number one priority for the direct marketing sector in 2010, according to a sector commentator.

Improvement, in terms of efficiencies and better practices, is needed foremost in this area as business growth begins to pick up once again in the wake of the global economic downturn, said Ethan Boldt, writing for industry news source Target Marketing.

He added: "List quality can be the number one determining factor in the fate of your direct marketing campaign.

"Early signs show that list content in the coming year will house more helpful data fields, such as marital status, hobbies, past purchases and ethnic information -perfect for targeting marketing efforts more precisely."

He added that the data quality of these lists was paramount.

His comments came in the wake of a white paper from the Ballantine Corporation, a direct marketing creative and production service, which said that marketers were expected to "spread their wings" more this year.