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Data quality, availability grows in importance

Paul Newman Archive
As big data initiatives continue to climb the ladder of IT priorities, decision-makers need to ensure the information they collect and use is accurate. If a firm uses faulty records derived from poor database management processes, the company will not be able to ensure employees provide effective service.

Although moving files between storage environments is sometimes essential, executives must ensure workers prioritize data quality above all else, according to a ZDNet report. Unfortunately, many organizations neglect to emphasize the importance of accuracy and availability of important resources. This impairs a company's decision-making capabilities, as they cannot evaluate the necessary information needed.

Even if a company takes the proper precautions to ensure data quality and accessibility, executives need to leverage advanced analytic tools to make sense of the growing piles of information, ZDNet noted.

Another report by ITWorld echoed the importance of real-time analytics, as today's private sector is much more fast-paced than it used to be. As a result, businesses will need to be able to quickly and accurately assess resources to remain competitive.

Forward-thinking firms will have quality and availability strategies in place for the coming years, as failing to prioritize these approaches will impair operations.