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Data quality benefits 'must be clearly defined'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality practitioners need to clearly define the business benefits of campaigns if they are to be successful.

Writing on his Smart Data Collective blog, Jim Harris highlights the need for individuals to outline the return on investment (ROI) which can be realized through data quality projects.

"One of the most common objections to data quality initiatives, and especially data cleansing projects, is that they often produce considerable costs without delivering tangible business impacts and significant ROI," he explains.

In order to do this, Mr Harris recommends that individuals articulate the "cost of doing nothing" by clearly stating how businesses will be impacted.

Furthermore, the expert says that data quality practitioners should recruit other members of their firm to "champion the data quality cause".

Earlier this year, a report by TWDI claimed that data quality initiatives were vital for product-focused industries.

It stated that companies that were looking to control procurement costs, manage supplier risk and raise the quality of their goods and services should implement data quality software solutions.

Posted by Richard Jones