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Data quality boot camp: Getting it right in person

Melissa Nazar Data quality

The first two stages of data quality boot camp helped teach you how to collect better contact data on your website and in call centers, but your work isn't over yet! There are many more places where you can collect customer information, including the good old fashioned in-person experience.

Brick-and-mortar woes

Thirty-nine percent of organizations collect customer contact data at physical locations. Data is typically collected by an employee at the point of sale, but can also be entered into a kiosk by customers. In either case, human error is the number one culprit of bad contact data being collected.

How do you avoid bad data entering your systems from in-person channels? Here are three tips:

  • Validate contact data in real time. When an employee is entering data into your system, real-time software that automatically prompts for corrected information gets customers to provide the right data on the spot and can prevent mistakes from being logged.
  • Clean what you collect. Consider running a data cleanse on all of your existing data to make sure what you have is correct and standardized. This can help prevent common customer complaints like duplicate catalog sends, undeliverable mail, and more.
  • Consider enriching data. By leveraging tools that append third-party information, such as demographic data, to your customer information, you can easily empower employees to cross-sell products and better target individuals with personalized offers.

Enlist help

Trying to navigate the world of data quality can be tough. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Find out how you can partner with Experian Data Quality to reduce the amount of bad contact data you’re collecting through all channels.