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Data quality boot camp: Managing call center issues

Melissa Nazar Data quality

In our first blog post in this three-part series, we discussed how you can take the first steps in your data quality boot camp program: tackling bad data collected through your website. But how do you manage issues within other channels? Here we’ll focus on managing data quality in your call centers.

Calling out call centers

No matter what type of organization or industry you’re in, at some point, a customer may need to reach out to a call center. But because of disparate systems, a customer can have an entirely different experience with your company on a website vs. when they call you.

This is a result of the lack of a single customer view, or having one source of data that tracks all of a customer’s interactions. So for example, if a customer orders something from your website, all of the contact data provided for that transaction should be readily available for use by a call center representative in case that customer reaches out by phone.

Seventy-six percent of companies say they face challenges when developing a single customer view, with 34 percent naming data quality as the main challenge.

Getting to a single customer view

Fifty-three percent of businesses have data quality issues in their call centers. How do you address these issues and move towards a single customer view and a seamless experience?

  • Identify duplicates and clean records. Take a look at your existing database of customers. Are there duplicates that can be consolidated? Are there simple errors in contact information that can be fixed? Use data quality software that can both deduplicate and standardize your records.
  • Make links where possible. To achieve a single customer view, information needs to be easily linked between systems, or housed centrally. A good way to do this is to collect at least one consistent piece of contact information, like an email address, across all channels,  so you can connect the dots.
  • Make sure reps collect good data. When representatives are taking information over the phone, it’s important that there’s a balance between of the ease of entering data and the ability to validate information. By using software that can help reps instantly verify contact data in real time, you can get better information into your database without reducing speed.