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Data quality campaigns should 'focus on the positives'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking to improve their data quality should focus on the positive aspects of their information storage.

OCDQ blogger Jim Harris suggests that rather than giving data quality projects a negative bias, companies should look at past successes.

He explained that the majority of campaigns to tackle data quality issues often aim to answer what has gone wrong in the past.

However, Mr Harris said that if 80 per cent of a businesses' information is up to date and accurate, initiatives should find out why this was the case.

"The natural tendency is for a data quality initiative to begin by focusing on the now painfully obvious need for improvement, essentially asking the question: Why isn't our data quality better?" he wrote.

Earlier this month, major new research into business intelligence has found that data quality has now overtaken poor query performance as the most reported problem.

The study found that 18 per cent of respondents voted data-related issues as their primary concern.

Posted by Paul Newman