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Data quality 'can be achieved through information tools'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The increasing quantity of data collected by companies is creating a need for more tools to allow them to ensure a high level of data quality, a source asserts.

More and more sophisticated tools are being deployed as a way of data mining and analyzing collected information, reports.

Giovanni Lux, customer intelligence manager for car manufacturer Fiat, says that it is deploying software in order to improve the ways it interacts with its customers.

Through using this technology the company has boosted retention, he claims, with half of buyers replacing their vehicles with a car the firm manufactures.

Mr Lux tells the news provider: "The main focus is how to be effective in managing the data and the brands. We analyze all the data coming from the web."

Recent research by Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, recommended that the casino industry invests in customer relationship management software as a way of collecting and analyzing information on its users.