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Data quality can be explained in value terms

Rachel Wheeler Archive
It is vital that companies encourage a climate that incorporates the use of data quality tools. According to IT News Africa contributor Gary Alleman, the best way to do so may be to reframe the problem area in terms more resonant with business users than the professionals responsible for the core data management programs.

Allmean stated that data experts can quantify their needs in terms of the end results of data problems. He suggested that employees can achieve results such as improved address data management by finding out a resonant result of the program, such as a reduction in returned mailings, and making that part of the pitch to acquire funding and support.

According to Alleman, it is also a good idea to make sure that there are consolidated data management strategies able to help with several interconnected goals.

Industry consultant Jim Harris, speaking to IT Business Edge, explained some of the problems that could impede a data quality program. He explained that data reserves have become extremely common in business. While information experts once had to promote an area that was not prevalent enough in their firms, they must now represent an area that is so omnipresent as to be overlooked.