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Data quality 'can be improved'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new study has highlighted the fact that the majority of IT professionals are worried by data quality.

The survey, conducted by Altis Consulting, found that while 56 per cent of respondents believed that their current data was "adequate", improvements could be made.

This is in comparison with just seven per cent of businesses who thought that their current data met all of their individual requirements.

John Hoffman, chief executive officer of Altis Consulting, commented on the results, saying that it was important that businesses understood the importance of good data quality.

"There is now an urgent need to create a greater understanding of how data visualization can help management."

"Only once management understands and gets behind it, will visualization projects gain the budget and executive sponsorship they need."

Writing for Smart Data Collective, Peter Thomas recently claimed that businesses should adopt a "cross-functional" approach to data quality.

By combining the skills of an organization's IT department and other areas of the business, individuals will be able to achieve goals more easily.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler