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Data quality 'can boost profile of small firms'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Address cleansing can enable small firms to stand out from the crowd in an environment in which the marketing landscape is changing rapidly, it has been revealed.

According to information processing services provider Data Services, the majority of US-based companies regard direct mail as their most effective tool in acquiring new customers, despite the increasing popularity of the internet as a marketing platform.

President of the group Jerry Messer commented: "The migration to email has reduced direct mail volume by as much as 30 per cent and the smart marketers are the ones that see the current direct mail climate as a great opportunity to stand out and be noticed by their target audience like never before."

The company went on to say global data processing solutions can improve data quality and add value to a firms' customer base, as well as acting as a cost-cutting measure.

Earlier this week, technology news provider said large institutions often do not have effective database management systems in place to ensure that their data is protected.