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Data quality can help keep email marketing messages out of spam folders

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Companies' marketing emails account for approximately 70 percent of all messages that get marked as spam, according to a recent Return Path study. Marketing teams may be able to reduce this figure by verifying the data quality of contact lists before sending future email campaign messages.

"The high rate of marketers sending messages to spam traps underscores just how important it is for companies to keep target lists updated and put email marketing best practices into place," said George Bilbrey, cofounder and president of Return Path.

Marketers can start with their data collection strategies as they evaluate current practices and identify areas that may need improvement, Business 2 Community Reports. The smallest mistakes in data entry, such as incorrectly typed email addresses or unchecked opt-in boxes can significantly damage campaign success rates and businesses' reputations down the line.

To avoid these issues, the source recommends marketers install a data quality tool that can validate information entered by customers in real time. That way, marketing teams won't waste their advertising budgets by sending emails to the wrong addresses or recipients that would rather not receive them.