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Data quality 'can help media needs'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The needs of video and media data companies could be met by a new data quality solution.

Concurrent, a leader in advertising solutions, noted that data quality, timeliness and privacy compliance can be guaranteed from source to destination with good data management solutions.

Paul Haddad, Concurrent's senior vice-president of media data and advertising solutions, said that the service complements existing methods of aggregating, warehousing and exchanging "cross services data among various media industry constituents".

He added that once data quality services are implemented, customers will be able "to efficiently manage their media businesses based on census-level, real time, and guaranteed quality information, and focus on enhancing their revenue generating services".

By fully monitoring data, firms are able to provide a data quality guarantee to their customers and partners.

The news comes as Roche have revealed a new instrument designed to improve data quality.

It offers optical and thermal control but is also designed to be "enjoyable and convenient to use".