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Data quality 'can lead to good company decisions'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality plays a vital role in ensuring that good decisions are made by companies, an expert asserts.

Lyndsay Wise, president and founder of WiseAnalytics, tells that this is essential to business intelligence (BI) efforts.

She calls for firms to put systems in place which can manage data quality and validity in order to improve the accuracy of its reporting and analysis.

"Diverse views of what information is important or how information is used within different departments can help stakeholders gain a proper sense of what quality issues are important regarding the maintenance of that data over time," she asserts.

Ms Wise suggests that a three-step system in which companies must understand where data resides, how it can produce business value and what is needed to turn it into actionable information is needed, the news provider reports.

Recent research by Gartner advised firms to segment customer information such as address data in order to cut waste.