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Data quality can save customer relationships, trust

Paul Newman Archive
We are currently in an era defined by growing competition in which companies are battling to earn and retain loyal customers. Thanks to the spread of mobile technology, consumers are now armed with information that can guide them to the companies offering lower prices or one-time deals as a way to lure them away from trusted brands. As a result of this trend, it's critical that businesses not sacrifice client relationships or lose trust over issues with data quality.

In a blog post for Random Thoughts - Information Architecture, Databases and Business Intelligence, Scott Delaney wrote that he recently received a text message addressed to Steven, asking him to make good on a past-due bill lest legal action ensue. There were two problems with this. The first was that he could not recall owing anything for delinquent invoices. The second was that Steven was his late father's name, and not his own.

Delaney explains that after getting in contact with the electric company that sent the text message, it was discovered that the bill was his deceased father's and that it had been settled after his death, five years earlier. He points out in the blog post that though his sensitivities had faded since the loss, other customers might be less forgiving about the incident.

Data quality tools can help prevent issues of mismatched information by verifying contact information and addresses, as Business 2 Community reports. Validating addresses and phone numbers can ensure bills are sent to the correct individuals, and data cleansing can keep records updated so settled invoices are not mailed twice.