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Data quality checks should be carried out before sending direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive

The importance of checking to ensure data is correct before sending out any direct marketing has been highlighted in a new report.

Writing for Mailing Systems Technology, Mike Porter stresses the importance of making sure basic information and address data is correct on mailpieces to avoid any embarrassing and potentially costly mistakes occurring.

In the article, Mr Porter outlines a number of prevention tactics that mailers can go through before sending out documents.

Included within the quality control measures is the need for marketers to make certain that address data is presented both clearly and noticeably, alongside removing any clutter or unwanted information.

Mailers may also want to use address verification software to ensure that their mailpieces are sent to the correct places.

Meanwhile, it is not just businesses that have to worry about checking information is correct before mailing.

A report by the Daily Breeze recently advised individuals to make sure that address data is filled out correctly to minimize the risk of returned mail.