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Data quality comes early in market research

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Performing market research requires a variety of customer information and will be less effective if that data is not high quality and relevant to the question at hand. However, there are certain data quality processes that can be tabled as long as best practices are followed, according to data management expert Annie Pettit.

Pettit explained that many companies perform significance checks even when they are not warranted, wasting time instead of actually improving the process. She stated that if researchers have followed best practices in selecting and managing the data before beginning the study, things should be fine without the further analyses.

Designing a study is the critical moment for information selection, Pettit stated. She explained that companies should start research projects with clear goals and strict methodology, meaning an automatic set of acceptable values controlling data quality from the moment of collection.

The actual business of keeping data accuracy is important for companies. According to TechTarget, however, there is no one employee or department responsible for the process. The source reported that a variety of teams working together can manage information better than one dedicated part of the IT department. Analyst Lyn Robison told the source that business users should be responsible for obeying data storage standards.