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Data quality crucial to email marketing success

Paul Newman Archive
Email marketing continues to be one of the most cost effective ways to reach and retain customers. Advances in big data analytics have made it easier for retail companies to target their clients with personalized emails that encourage click-throughs and conversion. However, it's essential that they prioritize data quality even after implementing analytics strategies, MarketFish reports.

Big data has proven revolutionary across the board. It enables decision makers to take the uncertainty out of intangibles, relying on fact-based analyses to draw insights rather than individuals' hunches.

Marketers love customer data because it makes it possible for them to segment their lists more effectively, the source explains. Email campaigns are most successful when each contact receives messages that contain only the information that is relevant to their needs and desires. Data quality tools can verify email addresses, purchasing histories and behaviors to keep each customer's information accurate.

In fact, data quality may be more important for marketers than big data, Business 2 Community asserts. Issues with data standardization and entry errors continue to plague companies and can impact the success of their marketing efforts.