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Data quality 'crucial to modern businesses'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new report has highlighted the importance of data quality and accuracy as a crucial part of business in the modern era.

IT Governance Publishing's The Data Governance Imperative suggests that mishandled data, which is inaccurate, corrupt or inaccessible, can present numerous problems to companies.

The report states that serious harm can be caused by poor data quality and it can also lead to potential legal difficulties.

Alan Calder, chief executive of the analyst, says that it is important for senior executives to understand the governance issues this can raise.

He states: "The reasons for changing the way in which organizations manage information compliance are compelling."

Its report covers the strategies and tactics that companies can deploy to meet the board and senior management's needs for dealing with sensitive information.

John Wilmes, chief technical architect for Progress Software's communications sector, recently told that poor data quality can lower customer satisfaction.