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Data quality culture is vital to address problems

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses need to nurture a data quality culture if they want to tackle problems relating to information management, it has been revealed.

This is the view of Dylan Jones, founder and editor of Data Quality Pro, who believes that by adopting data quality practices into their ethos, organizations will begin to notice vast improvements.

He explained that "over time, typically several years, you aim to develop a data quality culture", so employees understand the issues surrounding the topic.

However, the expert added that the first step towards better data management needs to be recognition that there is an existing problem.

"Until you can find an example of where data quality is hitting the bottom line in a significant way, you may fail at the first hurdle," Mr Jones said.

A recent article by Search Data Management suggested that the best way for problems relating to data quality to be avoided was to ensure that responsibility for the issue was shared by everyone in a company.

Posted by Paul Newman