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Data quality dimensions 'need proper implementation'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
While data quality dimensions offer a simple and understanding framework within which to operate, their use can sometimes cause more problems, it has been claimed.

Focusing on the features rather than the benefits, particularly in regards to potential managers, vendors can lose focus on the project sponsor by focusing too much on the capability of structured methodology to establish accurate and timely data quality.

This is according to data quality expert Dylan Jones, founder of Data Quality Pro, who said that the dimensions of accuracy, completeness, consistency and timeliness go hand-in-hand with others, such as trust and accessibility, to create the DNA of data quality.

He added: "I do have some issues with dimensions. I've witnessed practitioners and data quality vendors over-simplify their use.

"Poorly implemented they don't often align with what the business really needs out of their data. However, I accept that as an aggregation tool and reporting method they do have merit."

A recent interview with data quality expert Kathy Hunter on the industry news site highlighted the importance of project managers understanding the significance of good data quality in order to move the practice forward.