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Data quality errors can be avoided

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality errors caused by incorrect entries into spreadsheets are common and can be resolved by implementing a set of basic rules, it has been claimed.

According to a report by Next Gov, republican politician Darrell Issa has recommended businesses look out for routine errors which can have a serious effect on the quality of information that companies possess.

Mr Issa was speaking in response to his fears that there was an error in the US Census Bureau's financial report.

He fears that the body has overestimated state insurance trust revenues by 70 per cent.

"The way to get control of those things and make sure that errors are eliminated is by creating a system that allows you to use some very basic business rules and to be able to see automatically that those business rules are followed," Mr Issa told the news provider.

Earlier this year, Stibo Systems and Datactics announced that companies and IT departments lacked faith in their data quality systems and would be reverting back to spreadsheets to manage information.

Posted by Paul Newman