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Data quality essential to a job well done

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Although it has recently gained a huge amount of recognition, big data is not as new as it may seem. The largest buzzword in business was around in the past, but it was previously only accessible to companies that had budgets comparable in size. That is, firms outside of the major corporate players did not have the funds necessary to invest in the tools needed to tackle big data.

Now, small and mid-size businesses are finding big data programs and experts more affordable. Some developers have even rolled out self-service business intelligence software that allows executives to parse data on their own, so they can benefit from insights in real time, according to Techgoondu. However, the do-it-yourself approach might backfire if users aren't on the lookout for data quality issues. The source points out that duplicated or mismatched entries can lead to general mistrust of analytics strategies.

Poor data quality can also lead to skepticism within companies, but once rooted out can improve processes overall, reports Smart Data Collective. Analysts who discover issues may find one employee is at fault and that the individual requires additional training and oversight, or discover the department as a whole requires better verification processes.