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Data quality essential to marketing personalization strategies

Paul Newman Archive
In a recent article for Media Post, Stephanie Miller highlights the belief that marketing teams must be data management experts as well as creative geniuses if they want their campaigns to be successful. Miller, who is the vice president of member relations at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), interviewed a series of marketing experts who all share a common opinion - that technology and data are the foundations of great strategies.

Data quality is the key to personalization efforts, which are helping companies win customer engagement, loyalty and ultimately, sales. Deduplication tools and other verification techniques can ensure contact lists include only the most accurate information about each customer, from their correct titles and addresses to information about the last times they made purchases and what they bought.

That level of attention to detail has helped ecommerce companies such as Amazon and Netflix rise to the top of the pack, reports marketing blog HubSpot. Customers who visit these sites have personal experiences that inspire satisfaction. The pages remember what users watched or looked at last time, and generate new recommendations that are catered to their individual interests.

All customers want to be treated like they're very important people, according to BrandKit. Sending email recipients messages that contain their correct names and accurately target their interests can make them feel like valued shoppers and encourage them to become loyal consumers.