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Data quality experience 'could be broadened'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New research from analyst firm the Information Difference found that many companies believe data quality is not restricted purely to one area within a business.

Inventory and accounting figures were seen by a number of businesses surveyed by the firm to be of great importance in terms of data quality, IT World Canada reports.

"There is an opportunity for vendors to address a broader range of data," the news provider reports president and CEO of the firm Andy Hayler as saying.

The survey found that a number of businesses appear to be more content about their data quality than they perhaps should be, the news provider suggests.

Hayler added that people tend to be complacent when it comes to data quality and are not being active in controlling their data, despite the possible benefits that better-quality data could bring.

Earlier this month, vice-president of consulting services at Clario Analytics Deb Campbell noted that data quality should be considered before the launch of any marketing campaign.