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Data quality fixes the name game

Paul Newman Archive

Introductions form a key part of business transactions - good ones can help close deals and bad ones can turn prospective customers off. If companies don't have strong data quality, they might be losing out on valuable opportunities by getting names wrong, according to Business 2 Community. 

Verifying names and email addresses can have a number of positive effects on advertising campaign success, the source explains. Marketers might see higher deliverability rates, better inbox placement, lower bounce rates and achieve a stronger sender reputation.

On the other hand, customers may not open messages at all if they are addressed to the wrong title. A recent post for the MBM blog reports that recipients can tell whether a company has vested interested in them, depending on the name that's used to address communications. For instance, some companies might mistakenly reuse a name from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, assuming the handle is the account holder's true title. This it often incorrect and instead of opening an email that contains offers for valuable products or services, customers might dismiss the messages or send them straight to their spam folders.