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Data quality goals for 2010

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Providing techniques for improving data quality focus, as well as understanding the best practices for its longevity have been highlighted as some of the key data goals of the new year by an industry commentator.

Fostering greater connectivity and accessibility within the data quality sector was also highlighted in a new year's post by Data Quality Pro founder Dylan Jones on the site.

With many companies still facing the financial pinch from the recently ended recession, finding more efficient techniques was also highlighted as a necessity.

He added: "Data volumes are going up but data quality budgets rarely follow suit - focus and prioritization are vital techniques which we need to cover in far more detail. We need to get smarter at deploying often limited resources on the data quality priorities that really matter."

Mr Jones also said that, whilst 2009 saw a greater integration in the data quality sector and an increase in the accessibility of the knowledge, the new year should see an increase in this openness.