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Data quality helps businesses 'understand their customers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A high level of data quality will help organizations to better understand and assess the needs of their customers, it has been suggested.

According to Smart Data Collective blogger Jim Harris, businesses often store information relating to consumers' personal details, such as marital status, age and contact details.

Indeed, the industry commentator added that it was the responsibility of data quality professionals to make sense of and utilize this information for the good of the company.

"[Data professionals] are mediators between the world of ideas … and the world of reality, which is what all of that structured and unstructured data are discovering and attempting to describe," Mr Harris said.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Mr Harris used his OCQD blog to claim that there was no such thing as "data accuracy" only assumptions of data accuracy.

The expert explained that accuracy can be defined as both the correctness of a data value within a "limited context" combined with the correctness of a valid data value within an "extensive context".

 Posted by Rachel Wheeler